Pedestrian vs Car Accidents

Pedestrian collisions are more dangerous than any other accident on the road. When an automobile strikes a pedestrian, the individual’s body suffers the direct impact of the vehicle, often causing catastrophic injuries. While anyone who ever crosses a street is at risk for a pedestrian collision, children and the elderly are the most common victims in such accidents.

If you or a family member has been hit by a vehicle while on foot, you may be entitled to recover financial compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and more. It is important to talk to an experienced pedestrian car accident attorney about your options before speaking with the insurance companies.

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We represent clients who have been involved in pedestrian-vehicle accidents throughout San Bernardino County and Riverside County, including the communities of San Bernardino, Riverside and Redlands.

Our clients include pedestrians who were using the crosswalk, walking on the sidewalk or engaged in other pedestrian activities when they were hit by drivers who were speeding, drunk, ignoring traffic signs, talking on the phone, texting or otherwise distracted while operating a vehicle.

Many of our clients are children or elderly individuals who were seriously injured and will require future surgeries and ongoing rehabilitative care. We assist our clients in fighting for justice and compensation for their injuries, while helping them through their physical recovery and carefully guiding them through the legal process with a steady, reassuring hand.

A Knowledgeable Professional Who Is On Your Side

Sometimes, serious car accidents resulting in pedestrian injuries are caused by poorly marked crosswalks, improperly timed lights and other hazardous road conditions. Other times, a car malfunctioned through no fault of the driver, due to a defective car part or negligent auto repair job. We regularly assist injured clients in seeking restitution from government agencies, construction firms, vehicle repair and maintenance technicians and automobile manufacturers who were responsible for the unsafe conditions that led to our clients’ injuries.